Un record obtenu sur Doom 2 !

Ch0wW 11 févr. 2018

J’ai la joie et le plaisir de vous annoncer que je possède avec Oxyde et JCD un nouveau record sur DooM 2 en coopération 3 joueurs, finissant ensemble le jeu en un petit 22 minutes et 45 secondes.

Réalisé le 11/02/2018 après 4 semaines intenses d’entrainement, de routing, d’optimisations, de fails et de rires, nous sommes fiers d’avoir réalisé un run 3 joueurs qui bat de presque 5 minutes le précédent record tenu par Henning Skogsto, Vincent Catalaa, et Selim Benabdelkhalek!

Sans plus attendre, voici nos points de vue!

Mon Point de vue:

Point de vue d’Oxyde:

Point de vue de JCD:

Voici nos commentaires (en anglais, Compet-N oblige):

Oxyde :
Well, finally! We had it all before succeeding! A speedrunner rule says that if you have not been
killed everywhere in your run, then you haven’t played enough. We had everything there : From pesky
Lost Souls to friendly fire, from telefrags to rocket suicides. The route went through a bunch of
stages, starting with an acceptable episode 1 to a mediocra at best episode 2, and ended up with an
OK episode 1, a great episode 2, and a decent episode 3. The route itself is rather solid, time
imporvements could be found in quicker trick execution (zero-press, glides, jumps); and slightly
less time spent scavenging power ups. Good luck if you wish to beat it !

After several hours of intense run, we finally did it ! Doom 2 with 3 players for the second time
(cf. the 27:30 run). Soon a 4 players run ? why not !
It was really difficult for 3 players to survive in narrow levels, with friendly fire and
especially in speedrun. The route were changed several times during the training sessions and I
think it’s rather reliable. Managing spheres and ammo was really hard, mostly in the last episode
that is pretty empty in goodies. Maps 04 (last jump), 09 (lift section), 14 (wallrun trick) and 29
have made us waste time, but the general performance is good.
I was hoping to do a sub-25, but I wasn’t expecting a sub-23 😀

Ch0wW :
Salut people! Ch0wW here. First of all, if you’re watching this demo, that means that:
a) you’re here to see some wicked sick strats
b) you just have this demo for historical purposes, and this case, bless you.
c) You’re going to put an HD run on YouTube or in <INSERT video platform>. And in this case, please
do so, as long as you NEVER EVER put ads in it.

Anyway, thanks for watching us! We dedicated several weeks to make this run happen, especially as
we had to constantly improve it, so that none of my teammates JCD & Oxyde will have troubles, or in
order to save a few frames in some levels. An example? Map01. If I shoot, they take me as their
target, leaving my friends alone. Or, in Map09, where I can open the upper door to save a second.

Teamplay and safeties with a hint of agressivity are extremely important in DooM. You’ll understand
that with my point of view.

One thing I deeply remember is all the fails and the crazy stuff we had in this run. If I can do it,
I’ll make a huge compilation (in french, sadly)… BECAUSE THERE’S A LOT!

THE MOST WONDERFUL RUNS OF DOOM2 OF MY LIFE. And thanks to Doomworld, Doomedsda, Doom France, and
YOU! You make all such a wonderful community.

4th Compet-N Entry

JC Dorne
60th Compet-N Entry

Maëllig « Ch0wW »‘ Desmottes
28th Compet-N Entry


Pour finir, je vous laisse la possibilité de télécharger les démos du run en dessous.

DEMOS : 30uv2245

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